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NeoGuard Chewable 4 Save Set

Japanese Product Name:
NeoGuard チュアブル 4 セーブセット
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NeoGuard Chewable® is well a balanced nutritional supplement in a tasty chewable tablet designed for children and seniors. It combines many of the same ingredients found in NeoPak® and NeoGuard®.

Why should a parent consider NeoGuard Chewable® for their children? 

Generally, kids prefer junk food and don’t get the nutrients needed in their diet to maintain health. It is a well known fact that today many of our foods are packaged, processed, cold stored, irradiated, and treated with pesticides. Even the “healthy” food kids eat is grown and harvested from land that has been over-farmed, and in many cases, the soil has been replenished with phosphorus, potassium, nitrogen, and chemical fertilizers. Food grown in depleted soils is weak in nutrient content and is one of the reasons children are not getting what they need for healthy growth and development. Our children are exposed everyday to environmental pollutants and have eating habits that don’t provide the nutrients needed to support their immune system and maintain optimal health.

NeoGuard Chewable® provides nutrient dense 100% natural whole foods, vitamins, enzymes, phytonutrients, and antioxidants needed to support good health. A variety of sea greens that grow in shallow, mid level, and deep water. The phytonutrients from sea vegetation grown and harvested from ocean waters are among the purest natural sources of many vital nutrients. The mineral content of sea vegetation is superior to land vegetation. 

The naturally grown, wild crafted, nutrient dense ingredients in NeoGuard Chewable® help your child avoid the problems associated with many of the foods on the market today.