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NeoCell Plus

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NeoCell Plus is the most complete formula for optimal brain health and performance.

The human brain has a supercomputer-like structure and mechanics with powerful and advanced systems. It is responsible for storing various memories and controlling all bodily functions, such as how we move, breathe, think, and react, but this is done subconsciously.

This complex workings of the brain include 100 billion neurons, called neurons, which regulate all electrical and chemical action potentials. New brain cells are created by the division of neural stem cells, and healthy brain cells cannot be created without healthy brain cells. Certain nutrients are needed to produce brain cells for normal brain function. Lack of the necessary nutrients not only weakens cognitive functions such as reason, perception, and memory, but can also lead to a number of diseases.

At birth, humans already have about the same number of brain cells as adults, and these cells grow as we learn and remember. And new connections are created between cells. However, memory can decline, problems with comprehension, judgment, concentration, attention, and agility can occur, and brain activity can decrease. This is especially likely to occur with aging, and children are no exception if they lack the nutrients their brains need.

All brain activity is influenced by nutrition, and the brain needs proper nutrients to function properly.

NeoCell Plus is a supplement that contains nutrients essential for brain health.