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Super B+ - 4 Save Set

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Super B+™

SuperB+™ is a gentle holistic blend of natural ingredients for men and women. Formulated with  beneficial ingredients for energy, skin health and concentration, SuperB+ also supports healthy heart function, strong muscles and concentration and is designed to be used in combination with other NeoSource products.

For Men and Women: B-vitamins are essential for everyone. They provide energy for brain cells by increasing mitochondria and choline which help protect the brain. Sufficient levels of Vitamin B are essential in managing stress. SuperB+ also includes saw palmetto berry has been traditionally used to support a healthy male prostate and to address cystitis in women.

Research indicates that eating healthy, exercise, and adding nutritional supplements included in SuperB+ are effective in avoiding common health problems for men such as prostate enlargement, impotence, sexual stamina, and hemorrhoids. SuperB+ is a safe alternative to recently popular ED drugs, which come with a long list of warnings particularly for cardiac function. Often erectile dysfunction (ED) is due to a dietary deficiency of vitamin B complex. SuperB+ is a safe, natural vitamin/herb blend that allows your body to fix itself. It’s a safe choice and several customers have endearingly referred to SuperB+ as “fix-a-flat”.

Take SuperB+ to optimize your body’s natural healing system. SuperB+ is a unique combination of vitamins, herbs, and nutrient rich sea vegetables formulated to work naturally body systems responsible for strength, stamina and brain function.

Suggested Usage

As a dietary supplement take 2-3 tablets daily with meals.